Poplar FAQ

Q: What is triggered direct mail?

A: Triggered Direct Mail allows you to take the power of your customer transactional and behavioral data to generate fast, personalized mailers.  Poplar allows you to send direct mail similarly to how you’d conduct email or SMS campaigns, by creating events or workflows that will trigger a mailer to be sent to a customer within 3-5 days.

Q: How do I set up an account?

A: You can sign up here.

Q: How quickly can I set up a campaign and start sending mailers?

A: You can set up a campaign in minutes, and start triggering mailers the same day.  The Poplar platform is fully self-service and designed by marketers, for marketers.

Q: Can I mail internationally?

A: Poplar currently only supports mailing within the US.

Q: Can you integrate with my marketing platform?

A: We can integrate with the vast majority of marketing automation platforms (MAPs), customer relationship managers (CRMs), and customer data platforms (CDPs). If you don’t see your partner integration listed let us know as we still may be able to integrate. View integration partners.

Q: How much does Poplar cost?

A: Poplar offers best-in-class pricing with a variety of monthly or annual plans to choose from, ranging from Free to Enterprise: See Pricing Plans

Q: What is included in the price per piece?

A: Pricing for Poplar is all-inclusive, covering production, postage, processing, and reporting.

Q: Can I mail my own list of customers?

A: Yes, you can pass in a list of customers addresses or emails directly to the platform to mail.  The process can be done in a batched upload or in real time using our API based on customer lifecycle events.

Q: How quickly will my mailing reach home?

A: We print on-demand and mailers often go out within a day.  If you select First Class postage, your mailer can be in-home in as soon as 3 business days, and almost always within 7 days.  For standard mail, typical lead time is 7-12 days.

Q: How do I personalize my creative?

A: We support HTML creative templates, similar to how you would create an email campaign, with dynamic tags that can be populated with your own customer data; name, location, or any other unique information you have.

Q: Can I set up A/B Tests?

A: Yes! You can upload multiple creative into a single campaign to run an A/B test. The platform supports unlimited variants to test at the same time.  You can test any variation of creative messaging, size, format &/or postage options to find the best balance of cost and conversion rate.

Q: What is a holdout group? How do I set one up?

A: A holdout group allows you to randomly hold a custom percentage of your list or segment out of a mailing.  When configured you’re able to download the data on both the holdout and mailed group, allowing you to conduct a clear analysis on the incremental lift from the mailing.  To set up a holdout group, you’d simply enable the Holdout option during campaign creation and select the percentage you’d like to hold out from being mailed.

Q: Can I geo-target my campaigns?

A: Yes! You are able to choose to only include or exclude specific states or zips to ensure your mailing only hits customers in the areas you are interested in.  

Q Can I personalize by geo?

A: Yes, you can set a radius around any location in which you’d like to modify messaging, falling back to default creative outside the range.  Any recipient within the area can receive a piece that includes a nearby store address or additional invites to special events. It’s completely customizable to swap out both imagery and/or text with local messaging. Learn more.

Q: What are some popular use cases?

A: There are a variety of effective ways to use Poplar.  Typically, customers find success with similar workflows to what they’ve seen be effective in other CRM channels like email, SMS or push notifications.  Some of the most common are Cart Abandonment, Lapsed Customer Reactivation, Category Cross-sell, Retail Store Personalization, and Post-Purchase.

Q: How can I measure results from the campaign?

A: If you pass in order data in via our API or CSV Upload we can match up the mailing addresses to the email, billing or shipping address on the order. You can view real time reporting and lift analysis in the platform.

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