Create direct mail campaigns in minutes.

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Meet Poplar, an API-enabled programmatic platform that empowers brands to create fully dynamic, personalized direct mail campaigns.

Create and launch campaigns quickly

Set up and deploy both one-time and programmatic campaigns in minutes through our platform, with easy connections to leading marketing automation platforms, e-commerce stores, and cloud connectors.

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Personalize mail to each recipient

Customize imagery and text on a 1-1 basis with dynamic HTML templates for a range of formats.

Full range of retargeting and CRM options

Reach your abandoned cart site visitors via direct mail, upload custom lists, and build any cross-sell or existing customer triggers, all with a variety of postage, speed, and cadence options.

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Best-in-class pricing

Mail one piece or mail a million at best-in-class per piece rates, with no SaaS fees or subscription fees whatsoever.

Complex testing and optimization capabilities

Multivariate testing capabilities are built right into the platform, enabling marketers to test and optimize on any number of channel factors easily and efficiently.

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