Holiday Direct Mail Guide

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The leaves are changing, it’s getting colder, and marketers everywhere are putting the final touches on their holiday marketing strategy. Although this year is unique in many ways, the holiday shopping season is still expected to be strong. With most businesses operating almost entirely online this year, the next couple of months are expected to see heavy investments in online marketing channels from paid ads to email and everything in between. That means this year more than ever, it’ll be hard to stand out from everyone else vying for consumer attention. Direct Mail offers a great way to reach your audience in a less saturated channel, helping your messaging stand out and increasing the likelihood of recipients converting. Plus, you’ll pay a flat cost per piece that doesn’t increase due to higher competition, as it does with online channels.

In short, if you haven’t already, Direct Mail is a prime channel to add to your mix for the holidays and can help you bridge your online and offline marketing efforts. Here’s our DM holiday marketing guide to help you get the most out of Q4:

Use Cases


Re-engage/Reactivate Lapsed Customers

Support and promote your holiday sales

Messaging & Design

Design best practices for Direct Mail aren’t that different from email or other digital channels: you’ll want to keep the designs simple and focus on major value props, while clearly presenting your offer and call to action.


Traditional Direct Mail isn’t always a great channel for last-minute marketing campaigns, but Poplar allows you to get mailers in-home within as little as 3-5 weekdays. One thing to note is that we do expect delays around the holidays from the USPS because of increased demand, so please allow an extra 5-7 business days right around Black Friday and Cyber Monday for delivery.

The conversion curve for Direct Mail can be longer than digital channels since it may take some days for people to check their mail and respond. That’s why we recommend erring on the side of sending early to ensure your mailers hit homes with enough time to convert people before the holidays are over. We also do not recommend trying to time a mailer to hit exactly on a specific day like Black Friday since it's extremely difficult to be that accurate with how busy the USPS is during that time period.