& Poplar Direct Mail Integration

About Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect thousands of apps together. With an amazingly simple UI you can be up and running in minutes as a marketer without needing to utilize any developer resources. Previously what would have taken hours or days for a developer to build an integration can be hooked together in a few minutes via Zapier’s drag and drop tool.

Zapier & Poplar

The Poplar native app for Zapier allows you to connect your marketing automation platform or CDP to Poplar with a few easy clicks. This allows you to keep all of your customer event data and business rules in the third party platform while mailing through Poplar.

  • Trigger a mailing based on events in third party marketing data, i.e. email sent, abandoned cart, or customer site visit, or behavior data like has not shopped within 3 months.
  • Control your CRM workflows in a single location, controlling your direct mail campaigns right alongside your email and SMS workflows.
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