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About Simon Data

Simon combines a fully featured Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a fully-integrated marketing cloud, Simon brings big data to campaign orchestration. Simon's technology enables unprecedented performance and coordination across the full range of data-driven marketing activities, and integrates with your first and third party data providers to provide one unified view of your customers.  You can define customer segments across revenue, behavioral, and customer support contexts, and Simon supports multi-channel marketing across multiple categories including email, ads, push notifications, direct mail, and SMS.

Simon data & Poplar

Connecting Simon Data to Poplar allows you to add Direct Mail as an incremental channel to any of the workflows you currently have running in Simon, or additional ones you create for Poplar. You can pass leads or set up existing customer workflows to cross-sell, reactivate, and engage with high value customers.

  • Push email or address data to Poplar in real time to trigger automated mailings
  • Add in any additional variable customer data you store in Simon in order to personalize elements of the mailers on a 1:1 basis
  • Set control groups in Simon or Poplar to enable true lift analysis

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