Multitouch Campaigns

Many marketers are familiar with the concept of cross-channel marketing – that is, utilizing multiple channels to maximize the impact and potential touchpoints with customers in their workflows.  However, too many teams stick solely with the digital channels that they are most familiar with, including email, SMS, and social. 

Direct Mail can be a powerful addition to these multi-touch campaigns, by giving you a physical touchpoint with your customers, driving increased response with transparent attribution.

Digital saturation - the pitfalls of a purely digital play

Email can be a powerful marketing channel – it’s customizable, fast, cheap and you generally have the email address of every single one of your customers.  However, it has become completely saturated.  Consumers receive hundreds of promotional emails each day and many are tuning out.  Unsubscribe rates are up, and open rates are down. 

Even other digital channels like social are seeing oversaturation and increasing CPCs. 

With the noise in digital space, direct mail is a great way for your brand to stand out. 

Direct mail is a highly targetable channel with a physical marketing asset

Direct Mail has always long been an effective marketing channel, but long lead times, high print minimums, and a lack of personalization has prevented it from being useful in many CRM use cases.  By combining the effectiveness of a physical asset that a consumer can see and touch with the personalization, speed, and flexibility typically only available in digital channels, Poplar allows brands to get the best of online and offline marketing, together. 

Reaching a customer through multiple channels increases conversion rates

Smart marketers are utilizing SMS, push notifications, and tapping into social ads to provide a cross-channel marketing experience across their customer workflows.  A customer may be more likely to open an email when they’ve recently seen a brand’s ad on Facebook, or they may be more likely to respond to an SMS promotion if they’ve already been exposed to that message through other digital channels.

The key for marketers is ensuring that you are using your channels in an integrated way, pushing customers through a single workflow with a cohesive cross-channel approach.

By adding triggered Direct Mail through Poplar to existing workflows, brands can finally utilize a highly effective offline channel in these same workflows, and have personalized mailers reaching home quickly – while a customer is still in the right state of mind.