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Klaviyo • Poplar

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Klaviyo has just released its webhook integration with Poplar to allow its users to incorporate Poplar direct mail sends into their new and existing Klaviyo flows! After a successful period of testing this integration, we are very excited to announce that it is now live for every Klaviyo user.

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing automation solution used by many brands across a range of industries. Many Poplar clients have been eager for there to be an integration allowing them to utilize their Klaviyo setup with their Direct Mail efforts run through Poplar. As with the many other integrations available to Poplar users, the Klaviyo integration will enable our clients to trigger direct mail campaigns to their leads and customers in real-time based on their online or transactional behavior.

You can trigger a direct mail piece to be sent in the same way you trigger emails or SMS campaigns - all in your Klaviyo account.

Use Cases

We recommend thinking of your Poplar direct mail campaigns similarly to how you use email and SMS. For example, here are some use cases we’ve seen work well for Poplar clients that you can now trigger through Klaviyo:

An example of a workflow incorporating a Poplar send in Klaviyo might look like this:

sample customer journey

How It Works

You can connect Poplar and Klaviyo following these steps. Once you connect Poplar and Klaviyo, you can start setting up campaigns like you normally would. The only difference is that you’ll choose a Webhook flow action instead of an email send action in your flow. Note: You can add in a Poplar direct mail send at any point in current or new campaigns you create.

Read through our setup full guide on the Poplar Klaviyo integration here.