Partner Spotlight

Faraday • Poplar

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In this article, we’ll dive into a spotlight of Poplar’s partnership with Faraday - a consumer prediction platform that lets you pinpoint high-value customers and prospects for you to target.

Poplar is designed to be a flexible Direct Mail tool that works within your existing marketing setup, not independently of it.  Faraday is a great example of a partner that many of our clients are already using to power their acquisition efforts. We’re excited to have Poplar available to Faraday clients as a powerful offline channel they can use to leverage their Faraday predictions and improve their overall acquisition and retention efforts.

Utilizing Faraday’s predictions

Faraday leverages rich third-party data to build custom AI models that let you create likely-to-convert audiences and identify the right persona for every individual. These audiences and personas can be connected to your Poplar campaigns, immediately triggering out mailings that reach home in as little as 3-5 business days and drive efficient customer acquisition campaigns or high ROI retention campaigns.  With Faraday also plugging into your other marketing channels, you’re able to deliver cohesive, relevant marketing to your target customers across all channels.

Suggested Use Cases


Leverage Faraday’s AI-driven lookalike modeling capabilities to reach new high-intent prospects with direct mail to drive efficient customer acquisition and bring in high LTV new leads.


Target likely-to-churn customers with a cross-channel campaign spanning email, digital and Direct Mail to bring back your most important customers before they are gone for good.


Utilize Faraday’s predictive technology to target current customers with additional products and services most relevant to them through personalized direct mailers, increasing LTV and customer loyalty.

How to get set up

Simply contact your Faraday account manager, and they will connect with the Poplar team directly to get your account integrated and ready to take your predictions offline. No development work is needed on your end at all!