Partner Spotlight

Blueshift • Poplar

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Blueshift is a next generation CDP that allows you to focus your attention on customer experience while driving efficient decision making processes. By utilizing Blueshift’s “SmartHub” you can personalize your content at scale, orchestrate omni-channel marketing campaigns, unify and activate your customer data, all under one roof. 

By creating your Direct Mail campaigns in Poplar and simply inputting each ID through webhooks in Blueshift - you can now add triggered Direct Mail to a well rounded marketing strategy that allows you to reach your customers where they are, and include custom personalization.

With no SaaS fees, contracts, or minimums on Poplar, the Poplar<>Blueshift integration allows you to expand your usable marketing channels into Direct Mail, all at your own pace.

Use Cases

We recommend using Poplar the same way you would automate any other email or SMS channel. Some key use cases we like to highlight are:

How to get set up

When adding Direct mail to your Blueshift Journey, simply select webhooks and input your campaign information that can be found in the Poplar platform. For more help schedule time with our Technical Team at